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Brad Israel

Code craftsman, snowboarder, and beer/scotch lover

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About Me

Life story

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology I moved down to the Washington D.C. metro area and have enjoyed living, working, and exploring the area every day since. I am a an engineer at heart and like working in the fast-paced, rapidly changing software field. I tend to be happiest when working on a challenging problem that forces me to learn and/or relearn new technology, ideas, languages, and tools every day.

Technology interests

I tend to go for breadth when it comes to technology, so I’m not going to play Buzzword Bingo and list everything that shows up when googling ‘programming’. Below is a short list of topics and technology that I’ve used for work or I have a real interest in.

  • Languages used at my current job: Java, C++, Python, Javascript (NodeJS and React)
  • Languages I’ve played around with: Go, Ruby, C#
  • Languages I want to learn: Nim, Rust, D
  • Software defined radios
  • Embedded: Arduino, Edison
  • Cloud: Kubernetes, CoreOS with Etcd, Fleet, and Flannel
  • Databases: RethinkDB, Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Upcoming topics: Machine learning, data science

Interests that don’t require the internet